I started photographing weddings very much on my own terms at about the same time I decided to become a full-time photographer for a local newspaper. My newspaper career lasted seven years. I won several awards.

My life is still centered around photojournalism.

I document daily. I have a wife and a son – they make me smile. Photography also makes me smile.

When I “work” I carry 30 lbs of gear; when I play, it sometimes becomes 40. My wife still loves me.

Everyone has a story to tell. My approach is a simple one. Enjoy your moment. Create a memory. My job is to “get it.”

I have a team of 5 talented photographers that “get” these moments alongside me and sometimes for me if I’m not there. They were all hand chosen. I am the front man in my band. I am the face, but many of “my” great images were created by Kelly, Tom, Shane, Don or Lauren. They make me look good.

I was not allowed to photograph my own wedding. Two of my photographers were there.

All weddings are photographed with at least 2 photographers. Think of us as talented guests who recognize the importance of your party. We smile, talk to strangers, and often dance while we work. The best part about our team approach is that we can be at two places at once and document your story more accurately.

All collections include b&w and color, as well as some groovy stuff.

Yes, discreet retouching is part of the deal (no need to ask). Like the professional cameras we use, PhotoShop is only a tool – not a way of life. We use PhotoShop to enhance what we document NOT to alter or create reality.

Prime dates book fast – please plan accordingly.

Lastly – all photography comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

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